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My research is more and more ori­ent­ed towards the open door of the moment and of what is there with­out a con­scious inter­ven­tion of thought, rea­son­ing or men­tal con­struc­tion. On my can­vas­es unfolds “what is hap­pen­ing” once for all. I feel very strong­ly the need to dis­cov­er what is hap­pen­ing in the unknown. It opens us to our own roots and our belong­ing, to the root of the uni­vers­es that bind us to what is.

Indeed, a paint­ing is the result of a sequence of present moments, but my sub­ject is always the present moment. So I con­tin­ue to open this door and stare at what hap­pens, dis­cov­er the unfor­mu­lat­ed. A snap­shot belongs to the field of com­put­ers and man­u­fac­tured life (arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence). The present moment is in the realm of life.

My paint­ing is an impul­sive paint­ing. My choice of col­ors, ges­tures, every­thing is impul­sive. Everything is born of an impulse. I first have a sur­face that gets into my eye, then a col­or that calls me, the ges­tures hap­pen; a first pro­pos­al fits in again call­ing for a new sur­face, new col­ors, new ges­tures and so on until it forms a whole. The act of paint­ing ends by itself.

The sur­face of the can­vas calls, I answer this call by paint­ing until it is silent. Then it is the spec­ta­tor who receives what is. This one becomes the receiv­er of what hap­pens in this paint­ing. This is a pred­ica­tive state­ment. The cur­rent flows or it doesn’t.

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