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That’s a dif­fi­cult thing to han­dle. Opportunities shape the agen­da : show, let­ting see, feel­ing sat­is­fied with the lit­tle… The need to show, to ani­mate a place, to sell, the mul­ti­ple and com­plex pos­si­bil­i­ties of all this take part in the man­i­fes­ta­tion — an inscrip­tion in the real­i­ty of the moment. There is lit­tle room for this kind of act always rel­a­tivized by mul­ti­ple con­tin­gen­cies; how­ev­er, it is always pos­si­ble to man­i­fest. It is a way of the art, being part of the dai­ly life of humans. My pref­er­ence is for the ani­ma­tion of every­day life, as a breath pro­posed for every­one around the world.

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