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From a paint­ed sur­face, enchant the space, make it vibrate, like a source that irri­gates the sur­round­ings. Let your­self be accom­pa­nied, con­scious­ly or not, by the ener­gy that emanates from a painting.

Painting is a pleas­ant and friend­ly com­pa­ny. It opens the eyes and brings a momen­tum of life. It has its place in every­day life.

In meet­ing rooms, sem­i­nars, con­gress­es
My paint­ing is a medi­um for build­ing uni­ty in a group while empha­siz­ing individuality.

In halls, at the cof­fee break, in the rest area
My paint­ing con­tributes to the qual­i­ty of the wel­come of all par­tic­i­pants, guests and organizers.

In offices
My paint­ing brings a change of scenery with­out effort, with­out aggression.

In restau­rants
My paint­ing invites to the exchange with one­self and the others.

At school
The chil­dren’s eye awak­ens dur­ing ani­ma­tion shows.

Wall paint­ing
It is a liv­ing link between inhab­i­tants and their famil­iar places, inside their homes or on the walls of their neighborhood.

In pri­vate life
At home or with loved ones, my paint­ing is an active, silent, dynam­ic and relax­ing presence.

For acqui­si­tion con­di­tions
and/or rental of works,
con­tact the artist directly.

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